Beatrice Thomas


Beatrice Thomas Consulting

Mx. Beatrice L. Thomas uses she & they pronouns. They are a national arts equity consultant, an interdisciplinary artist, and social justice drag queen whose arts consulting practice advances the work of queer, trans and POC artists nationally. For over a decade, Thomas has worked in the performing and visual arts in the civic and non-profit sectors in the San Francisco Bay area. They have dedicating their career to philanthropy and professional development for queer, trans and POC artists. Before becoming a consultant, Thomas held a Program Officer position at San Francisco Arts Commission. They are a lead consultant for local and national initiative including L.A.N.E. Leveraging Arts Networks for Equity, AIRSPACE QTPOC Arts Leadership Fellowship, and The Boston Foundation Live Arts Mentorship Program. Beatrice has been a KALW Audio Academy Fellow and was an inaugural fellow of the APAP Leadership Fellows Program (LFP). This year, Mx. Thomas became the inaugural Regional Awardee of the 2018 Ebony McKinney Leadership Award. Since becoming an APAP member, Beatrice has contributed LGBTQ*-specific professional development sessions to the conference, helped establish the first Transgender Arts Professionals Forum at APAP and successfully collaborated with the University of Utah to bring The Singing Bois, a trans-masculine performance group to their community.

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