Frank Page


CWA Management

Frank is the founder and CEO of CWA Management, LLC located in Orlando, FL. CWA Management is the largest Central Withholding Agreement company in the world. This premier status allows his company to negotiate with the IRS, saving his clients millions of dollars from tax withholding annually. CWA Management’s ability to work in cooperation with the IRS gives clients the opportunity to perform in the US by preventing excess tax withholding. Clients are allowed the cash flow needed to tour in the US. During the past ten years, CWA Management has helped thousands of foreign entertainers and athletes avoid the 30% US withholding tax.

Frank is also the owner of a 30-year-old CPA firm, Business Development Partners, Inc. The company recently became a Certified Acceptance Agent with the IRS. This will allow BDP to assist clients with obtaining ITINs for US tax filing purposes.

For the past 25 years, Frank has unretired his corporate stand-up comedy routine more times than he can count. His conferences are never dull.

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