Lois Weaver

Founding Artist

Split Britches

LOIS WEAVER is an artist, activist, and Professor of Contemporary Performance at University of London. She was co-founder of Spiderwoman Theatre, WOW and Co-Artistic Director of Gay Sweatshop in London. Lois is a Senior Fellow at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, a Guggenheim Fellow and a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow.

She has been a writer, director, and performer with Peggy Shaw and Split Britches since 1980. Recent work includes Unexploded Ordnances (2016-18); RUFF (2012); Miss America (2008) and Lost Lounge (2009).

Her experiments in public engagement include the Long Table, Porch Sitting, Care Café, and her facilitating persona, Tammy WhyNot. who collaborates with elders throughout the US and UK on a Tammy WhyNot YouTube channel for the over 55’s.

Lois’s performance practice is documented in The Only Way Home Is Through The Show: Performance Works of Lois Weaver, edited by Lois Weaver and Jen Harvie, published in 2015 by Intellect and the Live Art Development Agency.

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