Sunday Plenary Session: APAP|NYC Town Hall: The Power of WE

Make your voice heard as we forge the future of the field together! This year we will host a true Town Hall to tackle tough questions facing our field about the roles, rules and realities of the evolving performing arts industry. Are the tried and true approaches still working? Are we relying on assumptions about each other—presenter, manager, artist, rising leader or veteran leaders—that warrant more honest and open discussion with one another? Can we share perspectives that might shift our points of view? Whether you're an early, mid-career, or seasoned professional—an artist, agent, manager, presenter, producer, or entrepreneur—if you're a performing arts professional, you’ll want to take part in this important interactive dialogue with your peers!

  • Date:Sunday, Jan. 6
  • Time:11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Room:Hilton Grand Ballroom
  • Session Type:Plenary Event
Callie Crossley
Jackie Lopez
Flourish Foundation and VersaStyle Dance Company