How Masterminds Construct “Win-Win” Deals

We want to strike mutually beneficial deals with presenters, artists and agents, but are our agreements designed for the best results for all parties involved? To succeed, we need to build revenues and bolster long-term patron relationships. In this session, we’ll talk with those who are successfully negotiating “win-win” deals and send you home with actionable ideas.

  • Date:Sunday, Jan. 6
  • Time:10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
  • Room:Hilton Concourse B
  • Session Type:Professional Development
  • Knowledge Level:Intermediate, Advanced
  • Tracks:Business and Industry Know-How, Leading Change
Brooke Horejsi
UtahPresents - College of Fine Arts/University of Utah
Allen Moon
David Lieberman / Artists' Representatives
Eric Nelson
TRG Arts
Kendra Whitlock Ingram
Newman Center for the Performing Arts