Making Artistic Cents: “Mission or Money?” Why Not “Mission AND Money”?

Together we’ll explore how conversations between presenters, artists and agents/managers can culminate in “out of the box” work that meets a presenter’s mission and the artist and agent/manager’s bottom line. In this session, learn specific ways to unite mission and budget successfully

  • Date:Sunday, Jan. 6
  • Time:9:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.
  • Room:Hilton Concourse G
  • Session Type:Professional Development
  • Knowledge Level:Intermediate, Advanced
  • Moderator/Facilitator:Gail Boyd
  • Tracks:Business and Industry Know-How, Leading Change
Brenda Wong Aoki
First Voice
Gail Boyd
Gail Boyd Artist Management
Steve Hoffman
Norton Center for the Arts
Brooke Horejsi
UtahPresents - College of Fine Arts/University of Utah
John Luckacovic
2Luck Concepts