Pocket Commissions: Alternative Models to Commissioning

Commissioning is not limited to financial support. In this session, we’ll explore creative ways that organizations, both small and large, can support artists, particularly emerging and mid-career artists. Learn how presenters, artists and agents can work together to provide greater access to a wide range of resources for the creation and development of new works.

  • Date:Saturday, Jan. 5
  • Time:3:45 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Room:Hilton Concourse D
  • Session Type:Professional Development
  • Knowledge Level:Intermediate, Advanced
  • Moderator/Facilitator:Heena Patel
  • Tracks:Artist Development and Creative Practice, Programming and Producing
Stanlyn Breve
National Performance Network / Visual Artists Network
Dani Fecko
Fascinator Management
Christopher Morgan
Dance Place
Heena Patel
MELA Arts Connect